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Sl. No. Volume-18, September 2018
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: Rudraman Thapa 1-14
Paper Title: Dynamics of Gorkha Society and Politics: A Study on Margherita Sub-division in Assam
2 Authors: Dolly Phukon 15-28
Paper Title: Gender and Nation-Building in India: Reflections from Modern Indian Political thought
3 Authors: Borun Dey 29-43
Paper Title: Issues of Sub-nationalism, Ethnic Tensions and Civil Society Engagements in Assam: Understanding the Role of Asam Sahitya Sabha
4 Authors: Dibyajyoti Dutta 44-52
Paper Title: Is De-Growth Happening?
5 Authors: Amrita Pritam Gogoi 53-63
Paper Title: Cornered Truths of an Insurgent Society: Haanduk
6 Authors: Obja Borah Hazarika 64-69
Paper Title: Lines Written in the Communist Manifesto on the 21st Century
7 Authors: Urbi Das 70-90
Paper Title: Understanding Good Governance through the Prism of E-Governance: The Indian Perspective
8 Authors: Kastubh Deka 91-108
Paper Title: Ecology, Nationalism And Indigenous Rights: Complexities And Overlaps Some Observations From Nagaland
9 Authors: Phulmoni Das 109-123
Paper Title: A Theoretical Understanding of Subaltern Studies in Indian Context : An Analysis
10 Authors: Naved Jamal 124-136
Paper Title: An Insight into India’s Foreign Economic Diplomacy
11 Authors: Rinkumoni Gogoi 137-148
Paper Title: The Synergy between Democracy and Development
12 Authors: Ingudam Yaipharemba Singh 149-163
Paper Title: India’s Act East Policy with Vietnam: Reaping benefits
13 Authors: Kevilenuo Tepa 164-175
Paper Title: The circular trajectory of women’s mobilisation and marginalisation in India’s Northeast : The debate on Women’s reservation in Nagaland
14 Authors: Pinky Roy 164-175
Paper Title: Changing Nature of Deterrence in 21st Century: The Complex Interplay Between Missile Defence and Nuclear Deterrence