Authorship: Authorship is to be limited to those who have contributed considerably to the study.

Acknowledgement of sources, Originality and plagiarism: Works should be completely original, and any use of work by others should be acknowledged properly in the form of citations or quotations.

Multiple or Parallel publications: A paper submitted to the Journal of Politics must not be submitted to other journals. Manuscripts should not be submitted to the Journal of Politics if published elsewhere. Parts of academic theses and dissertations are considered as exceptions.

Disclosures: Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed during submission. Authors should openly disclose the source of all data and third party material, including previously unpublished work by the authors themselves.

Errors in published works: The author must inform the editor of the journal in case any error or inaccuracy is spotted in their own published work in order to correct or retract the same.

Permissions: Identify any third party material that they intend to include in their article, and obtain written permission for re-use in each instance from the relevant copyright holders.

Compliance: Authors are expected to correspond and comply with the editor and publisher in any requests for source data, proof of authorship or originality in a timely manner.

Overall Standards: Communal, casteist, racist, sexist or any other forms of discriminatory language must be avoided by authors.