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Volume-1, March 1993

Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University

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1 Authors: A K Baruah 1 – 6
Paper Title: State Politics in Northeast India : A Framework of Analysis
2 Authors: G Phukon 7-12
Paper Title: Inter-state conflict in Northeast India : An Angle of vision
3 Authors: A C Talukdar 13 – 28
Paper Title: Assam-Arunachal Boundary Dispute : A Note
4 Authors: P Sengupta 29 – 41
Paper Title: Asom Gana Parishad ‘s Accession to power : A close look
5 Authors: D Bhagawati 42 – 53
Paper Title: Implications and Approaches to Land Reforms in the Tribal Society of Meghalaya
6 Authors: H H Das & B C Choudhury 54 – 82
Paper Title: Factionalism and Power Politics in Ruling Parties : A study of Intra-Party Conflicts in Orissa
7 Authors: S N Ray 83 – 95
Paper Title: Emerging Trends in State Politics in West Bengal : New Experiment in Alternative Strategy for structural changes in society, Economy and Politics
8 Authors: B Mukherjee 96-111
Paper Title: The Eight Parliamentary Elections in West Bengal : A Swing Towards Right