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Sl. No. Volume-17, August 2017

Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University

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1 Authors: Girin Phukon 1-22
Paper Title: Role Of Language Policy In Drawing And Redrawing The Map Of Northeast India
2 Authors: Ronki Ram 23-60
Paper Title: Exploring Social Exclusion And Dalit Assertion In Contemporary Punjab
3 Authors: Rudraman Thapa 61-68
Paper Title: Movement For Constitutional Status Among The Nepalese Of Assam
4 Authors: Dolly Phukon 69-82
Paper Title: Human Security And Gender In Development Discourse: Post-Colonial Debates
5 Authors: Dr Borun Dey 83-96
Paper Title: Linguistic Identity Of Assam And The Assam Sahitya Sabha: Interpreting The Role And Implications
6 Authors: Dr Dibyajyoti Dutta 97-107
Paper Title: Influx In Assam And ‘Voluntary Departure Scheme’
7 Authors: Dr Amrita Pritom Gogoi 108-126
Paper Title: Women And Their Fantasy Of Liberation In Maoist Memoirs of Nepal
8 Authors: Obja Borah Hazarika 127-144
Paper Title: Dynamics Of India’s Neighbourhood Policies
9 Authors: Urbi Das 145-158
Paper Title: Life Without Dignity: Exploring Bride Trafficking As A Crucial Subset To Human Trafficking In India
10 Authors: Priyanka Sharma 159-170
Paper Title: Managing Water Conflicts In India: The Large Dam Perspective
11 Authors: Chakrapani Patir 171-185
Paper Title: Human Rights And Internally Displaced Persons: A Theoritical Framework
12 Authors: Partha Pratim Borthakur 186-203
Paper Title: Amartya Sen’s Idea of Justice: A Review
13 Authors: Deepjyoti Nath 204-216
Paper Title: River Ecology In The Post-Colonial State: Colonial Anxiety And The Transformation Of River Centric Human Lives In India