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Sl. No. Volume-16, December 2014

Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University

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1 Authors: Gautam Kumar Basu 1-17
Paper Title: Indian Foreign Policy Today: Interface between global politics and domestic policy
2 Authors: Apurba K Baruah 18-29
Paper Title: Socio-economic development in rural area
3 Authors: Abu Nasar Saied 30-38
Paper Title: Autonomy of Universities
4 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 39-61
Paper Title: Beyond a Deontological Theory of Freedom
5 Authors: Adil UL Yasin 62-75
Paper Title: Role of Faith Based Civil Society Institutions in Combating Religious Extremism: A Case Study of Tablighi Jamaat
6 Authors: Rajib Handique 76-88
Paper Title: Identity in Flux: Ahoms in Colonial and Post Colonial Assam
7 Authors: Alpana Borgohain 89-95
Paper Title: From Body As a Property, As an Inferior Being To a Commodity And It’s Transformation Into Agents of Change
8 Authors: Dolly Phukon 96-109
Paper Title: Reproductive Rights of Women: A Human Right Perspective
9 Authors: Amrita Pritom Gogoi 110-118
Paper Title: Looking At The East: Ecology, Migration, Capital and India’s Look East Policy
10 Authors: Obja Bora Hazarika 119-135
Paper Title: Strategic Engagement of Myanmar By India and China
11 Authors: Manashi Sarma 136-147
Paper Title: Evolution of Panchayat During The Colonial Period
12 Authors: Chandan Goswami 148-160
Paper Title: Tea Plantation Act Vis-a-Vis Condition of Emigrant Labourers in Assam
13 Authors: Homen Thangjam and Shukhdeba Sharma Hanjabam 161-173
Paper Title: Rights of Minorities & The International Human Rights Documents
14 Authors: Tabesum Begam 174-186
Paper Title: Consociationalism and Federalism: A Critical Note On Interest Intermediation And Regime Governability As Policy Options
15 Authors: Debodatta Bhattacharjee 187-209
Paper Title: A Comparative Study Of The Movies Of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen, How They Depicted The Society: An Overview
16 Authors: Mousumi Gogoi 210-216
Paper Title: A Search Into The Measure Of Freedom In The Life Of Women Workers Of Tea Estates Of Assam