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Sl. No. Volume-20, 2020
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 1-3
Paper Title: A Critique of a Film Named ‘Hideko the Bus Conductress’
2 Authors: Samir Kumar Das 4-11
Paper Title: How Elections Govern People
3 Authors: Amrita Pritam Gogoi 12-25
Paper Title: Registering Voice: Women Writing Poetry in Conflict
4 Authors: Ambika Aiyadurai 26-35
Paper Title: Tiger Siblings and the Idu Mishmis
5 Authors: Phulmoni Das 36-39
Paper Title: Can the Subaltern Protest? Tea Plantation Workers of
Assam and Indian National Movement
6 Authors: Sanjukta Banerji Bhattacharya 40-57
Paper Title: ‘Development’ in Theory and Practice : The Case of India
7 Authors: Dolly Phukon 58-70
Paper Title: Development and Weaker Sections : Understanding the
dynamics of development paradigm and its impact in the
context of Assam
8 Authors: Mridul Bordoloi 71-89
Paper Title: Climate Change and the Ecological Abject : The Politics of
the Anthropocene in Gun Island
9 Authors: Shubhrajeet Konwer 90-100
Paper Title: China’s humanitarianism: Aid, Pandemic and Foreign Policy
10 Authors: Hasmin Ahmed & Borun Dey 101-116
Paper Title: The Propaganda Model and Developments in Internet Age: An Analysis of the Indian Political Environment with Reference to Assam Legislative Assembly Election, 2021
11 Authors: Bedika Neog & Amrita Pritam Gogoi 117-130
Paper Title: Class Question in the Writings of Bishnu Prasad Rabha
12 Authors: Urbi Das 131-140
Paper Title: Commentary on the Dynamics of US-German Relations : From
‘Guardian-ward’ to Partnership in Crisis?
13 Authors: Bikash Nath 141-167
Paper Title: The Neo-Liberalism and the State : A Discursive Formation of
the Post-Liberal India
14 Authors: Partha Protim Borthakur 168-183
  Paper Title: Revisiting Amartya Sen’s Notion of Justice : A Critical Analysis  
15 Authors: Barasa Deka 184-198
  Paper Title: Language and Gender: Interaction and Contestation  
16 Authors: Priyadarshini Ghosh 199-212
  Paper Title: Re-visiting the idea of power through Nehru’s ideals of India’s
Foreign Policy : A theoretical estimate
17 Authors: Rengupta. M 213-225
  Paper Title: Ecological Crisis of Labour Process under Capitalism : A Critical
18 Authors: Kaustav Padmapati 226-247
  Paper Title: The China Factor in India’s Act East Policy : Implications for the
Northeast India
19 Authors: -Akriti Ashesh &
– Ningombam Linthoingambi Devi
  Paper Title: Status of pesticides Production, Consumption and
Government Policies in India
20 Authors: Ankita Bharadwaj 258-267
  Paper Title: India-Myanmar Strategic Co-operation through North East
: Bilateralism to Sub-regionalism
21 Authors: Sukanya Bharadwaj 268-289
  Paper Title: The Liberal Democratic State and Police in India  
22 Authors: Bikash Chandra Dash 290-307
  Paper Title: Poor and Electricity Policy: An Assessment in Assam  
23 Authors: Mallika Pegu 308-316
  Paper Title: Afghanistan imbroglio-options for New Delhi