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Sl. No. Volume-21, 2021
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: Monoj Kumar Nath 1-27
Paper Title: Formation, Growth and Breakdown of Immigrant Vote
Banks of Congress in Assam
2 Authors: Binay Prasad 28-44
Paper Title: From Global to Local: Popular Protests in Latin America
during 2011-2015
3 Authors: Chandan Kumar Sarma 45-52
Paper Title: Colonial Indirect Rule and the Maoist Insurgency in Post-
colonial India
4 Authors: Phulmoni Das 53-64
Paper Title: Reinterpreting Bodo Linguistic Nationalism in Assam
5 Authors: Rimon Bhuyan Gogoi 65-82
Paper Title: A Brief Engagement with the Idea of Indigeneity
6 Authors: Bipul Chaudhury 83-95
Paper Title: The Pleasures of being a ‘Kaniya’: The politics of ‘Laziness’
in Colonial Assam (C. 1854-1930)
7 Authors: Indrakshi Phukan 96-118
Paper Title: Open versus Closed Border: India-Bangladesh Border in
the 21st century
8 Authors: Debashis Nath 119-141
Paper Title: North East Region in India’s Act East Policy: Issues and
Concerns of Connectivity and Regional Preparedness
9 Authors: -Satyadeep Lahkar
– Borun Dey
Paper Title: Globalization, Tea Industry and Trade Unionism: an Overview
with special reference to Assam Chah Karmachari Sangha
10 Authors: Bhupendra Kumar 151-179
Paper Title: Changing Global Order and Chinese Global Governance
Perspective: The Future of Multilateralism
11 Authors: Janardan Borah 180-202
Paper Title: Political and Economic Empowerment of Women through Self-
Help Group: A Framework of Understanding
12 Authors: Mridul Bordoloi 203-218
Paper Title: Gender and Identity in Literature from India’s Northeast
13 Authors: – Kishor Goswami
– Raktim Ranjan Saikia
Paper Title: The Making of Jorhat: Understanding the patterns of migration
and settlement (2500 BC to 1947AD)
14 Authors: Priyanka Sharma 237-250
  Paper Title: Dam(n)ed the Kopili: Reflections and Implications  
15 Authors: Pooja Sharma 251-263
  Paper Title: Role of State in enabling Healthcare Coordination in India during
Covid-19 Pandemic
16 Authors: Tarun Dutta 264-272
  Paper Title: Making of traditional rice beer among tribal communalities of
Northeast India with reference to ‘Hor-Alang’ of the Karbi
17 Authors: Dibyajyoti Dutta 273-282
  Paper Title: Prospects of Gandhian World Order in a Violence- Stricken
18 Authors: Sun Gogoi 283-297
  Paper Title: Troubled Periphery – Crisis of India’s North East by Subir
Bhaumik, New Delhi: SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.,
Paperback Edition, 2015; pp 305