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Sl. No. Volume-2, March 1995
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: Shanti Swarup 1 – 6
Paper Title: Reconciling Liberty and Equality: The Dilemma of Laksi’s Thought
2 Authors: Samirendra N. Ray 7-15
Paper Title: Constitutionalism, Law, Politics And The Judicial Process: An Appreciation Of The Ideas Of Harold Laski Arising Out Of Insight And Interaction And Their Relevance In Contemporary World World
3 Authors: B. P. Misra 16 – 22
Paper Title: Understanding Laski : Outlines Of An Argument
4 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 23 – 29
Paper Title: Laski’s World Of Absolute
5 Authors: Soumitra De 30 – 40
Paper Title: Harold Laski In His Place
6 Authors: Abu Nasar Saled Ahmed 41 – 60
Paper Title: Gorbachev And The Dissolution Of The Soviet Union
7 Authors: Maqultul Hussain 61 – 79
Paper Title: A Theory Of Justice : In Defence Of John Rawls
8 Authors: Rudraman Thapa 80-92
Paper Title: Nepali Migration Into Assam : In Retrospect
9 Authors: S. K. Chaturvedi 93-102
Paper Title: Linkage’s Model Towards Understanding Bilateral Relations At Regional Level : A Case Of Nepal And India Relations
10 Authors: Girin Phukan 103-106
Paper Title: Politics Of Identity In Assam
11 Authors: R. Borgohain 107-112
Paper Title: Ruling Class Politics : A Study Of Tenancy Reforms In Assam
12 Authors: Biswajit Baruah 113-117
Paper Title: Threat To India’s Security Rationale For Her Defence Preparedness