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Volume-4, December 1997

Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University

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1 Authors: Asok Mukhopadhyay 1
Paper Title: New Role for the state in India : Rolling Back or Repositioning
2 Authors: Girin Phukan 11
Paper Title: John Rawls and his Notion of State
3 Authors: Samir Kumar Das 21
Paper Title: Ethno-Ecologism : A Reconsideration of the Assam Movement (1979-85)
4 Authors: Monirul Hussain and Bhupen Sarmah 37
Paper Title: Agrarian Transformation in Colonial and Post-colonial Assam
5 Authors: Udayan Misra 55
Paper Title: Situating NSCN and ULFA : Insurgency in Northeast India
6 Authors: Anup Kumar Dutta 75
Paper Title: Globalisation, Poverty and the Crisis of Governance in Nepal
7 Authors: K.M. Deka 89
Paper Title: Nation Building in Bhutan : Problems and Prospects
8 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 103
Paper Title: The Truth and distortion : A critical note on the study of Social Reality
9 Authors: Adil ul Yasin 111
Paper Title: Personality factor in Non-Aligned Movement : A case study of Belgrade Conference, 1961
10 Authors: Archana Upadhayay 107
Paper Title: Potentialities of Conflict generation and conflict resolution in pluralistic and plural society