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Sl. No. Volume-3, December 1996
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: S.K. Chaube 1
Paper Title: Socialist Democracy in USSR
2 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 15
Paper Title: Democracy and people
3 Authors: Girin Phukon 27
Paper Title: Relevance of Gramsci’s political thought
4 Authors: Archana Upadhyay 37
Paper Title: Leon Trotsky and his contribution to the World Communist Movement
5 Authors: Samir Kumar Das 45
Paper Title: Tribes as the ‘Other’: A critique of the political anthropology of Northeast India
6 Authors: C. Joshua Thomas 63
Paper Title: Ethnic crisis in Manipur : An insight into Kuki-Naga strife
7 Authors: Rudraman Thapa 75
Paper Title: Movement for Recognition of Nepali language
8 Authors: Nisha Garg, Pradeep Kumar 85
Paper Title: Women’s human rights and the feminist movement in India : Some Issues
9 Authors: Santosh Kumar 93
Paper Title: Regional economic dispariries, Gorbachev’s policies and the disintegration of the Soviet Union
10 Authors: ANS Ahmed 105