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Sl. No. Volume-11,  March 2004
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: Partha S. Ghosh 1
Paper Title: The Role and Efficacy of observers in Indian Election A Research Note
2 Authors: Radhe Gopal Pradhan 28
Paper Title: Global Issues and Concerns
3 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 39
Paper Title: Meaning and Consequences of State’s Withdrawal From Higher Education
4 Authors: Girin Phukon 52
Paper Title: Theory of Marx’s Alienation Understanding Status of Man in Capi-talist Society
5 Authors: M. D. Bhuyan 63
Paper Title: Women’s Right and Social Change in the Context of Domestic Violence Bill. 2004
6 Authors: Archana Upadhyay 73
Paper Title: Thoughts On Contemporary Terrorism = An Overview
7 Authors: Rudraman Thapa 85
Paper Title: Ethnic Assertion and Politics of Identity A Case study of Adivasis in Assam
8 Authors: Shanti Bora 102
Paper Title: Schools of Feminism : An Analysis