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Sl. No. Volume-15,  December 2015
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: Alpana Borgohain 1-11
Paper Title: The Public/Private dichotomy in individual and collective action in Assam: An analysis
2 Authors: Rubul Patgiri 12-18
Paper Title: Questioning the dichotomy between State security and Human security: Perspective from the third worldlobal Issues and Concerns
3 Authors: Dolly Pbukon 19-34
Paper Title: Intersection of Ethnicity and Gender: Understanding theoretical issues in the context of Northeast India
4 Authors: Dibyajyoti Dutta 35-46
Paper Title: Hungry People and Apathetic State: The Neoliberal anecdote
5 Authors: Amrita Pritam Gogoi 47-63
Paper Title: Whose Body is it anyways? Some reflections on Womanhood and its self-alienations
6 Authors: Obja Borah Hazarika 64-82
Paper Title: Evolution of the Nuclear non proliferation regime A manifestation of superpower cooperation
7 Authors: Pranjit Sandia 83-99
Paper Title: Ethnicity, Language and process of Nation Building in Assam
8 Authors: Rukchana Rahman 105-119
Paper Title: Youth Movements and Civil Liberties: An analysis of State of human security from the perspective of civil liberty during Assam Movement (1979-1985)
9 Authors: Farzia Yashmeen 116-136
Paper Title: Conflict and Human Security in South Asia
10 Authors: Priyanka Sharma 137-151
Paper Title: Revisiting Poverty, Equality and Human Security: The Case of MGNREGA
11 Authors: Sukanya Bharadwaj 152-160