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Sl. No. Volume-9, March 2002

Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University

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1 Authors: Dhiren Bhagawati 1
Paper Title: Religion and Politics : A narrative of Secularism
2 Authors: T. Lahon 12
Paper Title: Centre-State Relations in India : Changing trend
3 Authors: M. Yasin S. Dasgupta & P.K. Sengupta 25
Paper Title: Situating Protest Movements in Indian Context : Social Imperatives, Political Compulsions and Economic Preferences
4 Authors: R. Viswanathan 43
Paper Title: A Constructive Approach to develop Human Readiness level
5 Authors: M. D. Bhuyan 55
Paper Title: Human Rights in India : An overview
6 Authors: M. Modi 62
Paper Title: Impact of Modern Democratic Institutions on the Indigenous Tribal Village Council of Arunachal Pradesh : A Case Study of Adi
7 Authors: Salma Nasreen 70
Paper Title: India’s Relation with ASEAN – An Observation
8 Authors: Sewali Kurmi 76
Paper Title: The Role of the Small States in SAARC with Special Reference to Bhutan and Nepal
9 Authors: Pinky Das 82
Paper Title: The Question of Women’s rights from ‘Private’ domain to ‘Public’ sphere