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Sl. No. Volume-6,  1999
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: K. M. Deka 1
Paper Title: 150 Years of the Communist Manifesto : Its Teachings and Relevancy
2 Authors: K. N. Phukan 20
Paper Title: Eros and Civilization : Herbert Marcus& s Brave New World
3 Authors: Sobhanlal Datta Gupta 38
Paper Title: The Vision of the State in Communist Manifesto
4 Authors: Sonmitra De 44
Paper Title: Green in Red : Ecopolitical Thought of Herbert Marcuse
5 Authors: Siddhartha Kr. Lahiri 60
Paper Title: Problems of Organisation Antagonism Between the Communist Manifesto and the Post Modernist Agenda
6 Authors: Girin Phukon 76
Paper Title: Marcuse’s Marxism : Theory of Alienation and Revolution
7 Authors: Abu Nasar Saied Ahmed 85
Paper Title: Communism with a Human Face ; The Dubcck Experiment
8 Authors: Alpana Borgohain Handique 95
Paper Title: Handique Marx, Marcuse and the Women’s question
9 Authors: Udayon Misra 102
Paper Title: Mao Zedong : The Man and the Revolution Re-Assessed
10 Authors: 110
Paper Title: Symposium on “Ecology and Politics”