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Sl. No. Volume-10,  March 2003
Published By: Registrar, Dibrugarh University
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1 Authors: M. Yasin & Pradip K. Sengupta 1
Paper Title: Terrorism in Its Place : Some Politico-Ethical Considerations
2 Authors: S.H. Patil 14
Paper Title: Secularism : a strategy to promote national integration in India A Historical Survey
3 Authors: Manas Chakrabarty & Meenakshi Barman 27
Paper Title: Dynamics of Caste Politics in West Bengal A case study of  Jalpaiguri District
4 Authors: N. L. Dutta 38
Paper Title: Constraints of Agricultural Development in North-East-India with  special reference to Assam
5 Authors: Manjula Dowerah-Bhuyan 46
Paper Title: Role of North Eastern Council in manpower development in NE-  Region of India
6 Authors: A .B. Deb 75
Paper Title: Rural development programmes and right to work
7 Authors: Raja Bala Das 87
Paper Title: Contribution of Biswanath Chariali towards the Freedom Movement of India : A study
8 Authors: Shanti Bora 96
Paper Title: Roychoudhury’s ideas on nationalism and humanism
9 Authors: Pinky Das 104
Paper Title: Socio-economic & cultural life of the plains tribes in Assam a new  approach for development
10 Authors: Sewali Kurmi 122
Paper Title: Regionalism – A Theoretical Framework